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Appeal of the US Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to the Rosselkhoznadzor

Apr 15, 2013

In the letter addressed to Sergey Dankvert, Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, Alfred V. Almanza, FSIS Administrator, in particularly stressed that FSIS «has no reasons to suppose any establishment to use ractopamine for production of turkey meat meant for exportation into Russia». It is well known that non-use of this growth promoter is an essential condition for meat product importation in the Customs Union. The country exporting such products should guarantee that the products were manufactured without ractopamine. Further in the letter it is stated that «As for use of ractopamine in beef and pork production» the US party proposed to hold negotiations or videoconference to discuss proposals. In view of the significance of urgent development of procedure to guarantee complete ractopamine freedom in products supposed for Customs Union market the proposal on videoconference deems the most appropriate for the Rosselkhoznadzor. «As for recent Rosselkhoznadzor applications on planning inspections and in view of the fact that we could reach some result allowing for resumption trade with turkey meat, pork, beef and meat products, I would like to officially invite inspectors ... to visit the USA for two weeks on proposed dates from May 13 to May 24... for the purpose of inspection of the US slaughter houses and meat and poultry processing plants, plants producing ready-to-eat meat products and cold storage plants» — is stated further in the letter. Although until the inspection the Rosselkhoznadzor cannot be sure on resumption of turkey meat, pork and beef as well as meat product trade, it positively considers the proposal of the US party. As for the date of the inspection it is important to note that the dates should be preliminarily agreed with the Veterinary Services of CU partners, i.e. with Belarus and Kazakhstan. According to the CU regulatory documents such arrangements could take up to two months.

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