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April 10, 2013 Working Group meeting of the Expert Council of the Government of the Russian Federation for the development and modernization of agriculture and fisheries complexes with the participation of representatives of the Public Council under the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia

Apr 17, 2013

A representative from the North-West Meat Association Deputy Executive Director Larissa Vorobyova

At the meeting were presented at the conclusion of the expert committee from the Ministry of Agriculture of the results of the 2012 and 2008-2012 State Program of Development of AIC. The conclusion presented Ivan Ushachev - chairman of the expert committee to evaluate the results of the implementation of the state program and vice-president of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The moderator of the meeting was Andrei Danilenko, head of the Working Group Advisory Council, Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Agriculture, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dairy Union.

The meeting took place in a constructive and lively atmosphere. Speakers representatives, the Committee on Agriculture of the State Duma, the industrial unions and associations, agricultural leadership discussed the implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the State program of agricultural development and regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food for 2008 to 2012.
Among the criticisms were voiced very specific suggestions to improve the situation of our farmers and to increase the competitiveness of domestic products. Unconditional tool for this is recognized as a reasonable and clear government support at all levels of agricultural production and social status producer in rural areas, including by reducing the cost of credit and loan terms, as well as the criteria for inclusion in the processing of subsidy.

Almost all the speakers noted the growing volume of imports of agricultural products, creating a threat to food security. Since virtually uncontrolled import of dairy products from Belarus leads to stagnation of domestic production.
Present and heard the positive results of a / v production - over the past two years, the amount collected by the sugar beet has increased two-fold.

As pointed out in his speech, former Agriculture Minister Viktor Semyonov, the relevance of the topics discussed and the content is not changed in the last 15 years and now need to implement all of the features provided by the Working Group and the Public Council for the formation and sedimentation of adequate policies in agriculture.
Following the meeting will be prepared by an expert commission, which is planned to be the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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