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Negotiations between Yevgeny Nepoklonov, Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, and Dagva Gounjbazar, Acting Head of the General Agency for Specialized Inspection of Mongolia

Apr 19, 2013

The negotiations were held at the initiative of the Mongolian party. Yevgeny Nepoklonov highly appreciated the close cooperation between Mongolian and Russian Veterinary Services. He reminded of the international seminar on foot-and-mouth disease held in the Federal Centre for Animal Health subordinated to the Rosselkhoznadzor, located in Vladimir. Russian, Chinese Mongolian and FAO experts participated said seminar. Epidemic favourable situation in Central Asian and Far Eastern region depends much on the coordinated efforts of the National Veterinary Services of Russia, Mongolia and China. The situation is complicated by circulation of different strains of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) virus in the region. Thus, sporadic type O FMD outbreaks were recorded in the Russian Far East region in 2012. This year type Asia-1 FMD outbreak has been reported in Zabaikalye region. Russia has to maintain a long buffer zone where vaccination of FMD-susceptible animals is carried out and has to perform permanent epizootic monitoring in animals including wild animals. Moreover, 35 mln doses of polyvalent anti-FMD vaccine were delivered for immunization of animals in the territory of Mongolia. Therewith, there are problems associated with spread of other diseases including brucellosis and tuberculosis in the region. Dagva Gounjbazar submitted draft veterinary certificates on beef and horse meat that Mongolia would like to import to Russia for consideration. There are 29 border inspection posts for checking products subject to state veterinary surveillance on the Mongolian-Russian border including 12 posts working all the year round. Dagva Gounjbazar highly appreciated cooperation between Russian and Mongolian veterinarians and suggested to extend programme on scientific and practical cooperation in veterinary field. He also expressed an interest in application of the Rosselkhoznadzor-developed electronic systems of product veterinary certification, productive animal recording and regulated product traceability by the Mongolian Veterinary Services as well as in familiarization with the systems of epidemic situation, raw material safety and final food product and feed monitoring. The Rosselkhoznadzor’s experience in food product adulteration detection is of great interest for Mongolia especially taking in account the fact that the State Law on food product safety will come into effect in Mongolia from May 1, 2013.

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